Ayisha Modi Is Keeping Receipts Of Whatever She’s Doing For Stonebwoy And Would Jump On Him With The Least Provocation

Stonebwoy’s not-so-relevant Self-appointed PRO, Ayisha Mordi, Again, Soils His Brand With Her Usual Needless PR Gimmicks
Ayisha Mordi & Stonebwoy

Following Ayisha Modi’s back and forth with legendary rapper, Obrafour over some financial help she offered her 11 years ago, a Blogger has warned Stonebwoy to be careful of his dealings with her because she is likely to do same to him with the least provocation.

Blogger Lucas Nluki described Ayisha Modi as a praying mantis who knows whatever she is doing and wouldn’t hesitate to let the world know the little help she’s offering Stonebwoy in the likelihood that things get a bit messy between them.

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On Lucas’ Facebook page, he wrote;

“Aisha Modi is a Praying Mantis and again our ignorant brother Stonebwoy is still clueless!! Upon no provocation from Obrafour, the praying mantis still went ahead and disgraced legendary Obrafour on air for the whole country to see just so she could trend again and the reason being Obrafour wasn’t appreciative of what she did for him.

Bogus if you ask me !! It’s just a matter of time and Stonebwoy would be in the same pathetic shoes Obrafour is in now.3 significant facts Stonebwoy should wake up to:

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─ Aisha Modi is naturally a praying mantis and cannot be trusted in any dealings of any kind – she will expose Stonebwoy at the least provocation one day.

─ All that bullshit she is doing for Stonebwoy now is just for clouts and nothing else -she would come for Stonebwoy’s head one day.

─ The praying mantis knows her plans so she keeps receipts of any help she throws at Stonebwoy just so one day she can come and use it against him-Like a cougar pulling the strings of a young man’s d–k so is Aisha planning to control the half Rastafarian career. Black Cedi has been displaced and the guy is now vulnerable.

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Oh before I forget let me tell you why I call Aisha a praying Mantis. Praying Mantises will lure the male praying mantis into their bedroom, f─ks the male mantis so hard that he forgets why he even exists in this world.

Immediately the male mantis shoots up all the sperms in him into the female mantis, she eats him up starting with the head. Yes !! She kills the male mantis after having sex with him.

The natural thing is the male mantis knows this so it’s ok to say it’s ok but my dear Stonebwoy is clueless about the praying mantis tactics so it’s definitely not ok to say it’s ok when he gets eaten up! Sad.”