Ayisha Modi Exposes Obrafour – Says She Spent $45,000 To Produce His ‘Kasiebo’ Track Only To End Up Being Cheated

Aisha Modi Exposes Obrafour- Says She Spent $45k To Produce His 'Kasiebo' Track Only To End Up Being Cheated
Ayisha Modi and Obrafour

A die-hard fan of StonebwoyAyisha Modi has laid a strong allegation against “Kasiebo’ hitmaker Obrafour concerning the production of the track, back then in 2009.

Speaking in an interview with Delay, the female music producer revealed that she spent her hard-earned money on the production of the track, and in return, she got cheated.

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She had nothing in return after she single-handedly spent a whopping $45,000 to produce the track at a time that she had no roof over her head or even a plot of land.

“I produced Obrafour’s ‘Kasiebo’. I invested close to $45k but I didn’t even get GHS1 from the song. I did this investment at a time when I didn’t even have a plot of land or a house,” she said.

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The track was a hit song back then on the 2009 ‘Asem Beba Dabi’ Album by Obrafour which featured Guru. After she helped the track become a hit song, all he could thank her with was to give her nothing, not even a penny.