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Award-Winning Boxer Shakur Stevenson Was Standing A Step To Takeoff Before His Tragic Murder

Award-Winning Boxer Shakur Stevenson Was Standing A Step To Takeoff Before His Tragic Murder

25year-old former world champion Shakur Stevenson, a friend to the Migos trio was standing fingerbreadth to Takeoff the rapper’s tragic death.

The game was supposed to be a fun night but some rascals have different plans. With Shakur Stevenson standing soo close to Takeoff, it could have been him. In the worst scenario both of them. Gladly we did not lose him as well.

But as a witness to such tragedy, his mental health is probably f*cked up. Cuz since 2:30 AM yesterday, the only thing Shakur was to post is “R.I.P Takeoff🙏”. Being a witness to such tragedy must be damning.

I can’t imagine the trauma of having to lose your friend under such a grievous circumstance. They should all assist the police to find those mindless dogs. It won’t bring back Takeoff, but at least our streets will have fewer brain-deads to deal with.

Via TMZ Sports:

Boxing star Shakur Stevenson was standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Takeoff right before the rapper was shot and killed early Tuesday morning in Houston, TMZ Sports has learned.

Thankfully, Shakur wasn’t physically injured.

25-year-old Stevenson, a former champ who’s regarded as one of the best fighters in the world, was seen on video directly next to the Migos rapper … wearing a blue hat as an argument turned deadly.

Shakur is from New Jersey … but now lives in Houston. He was seen partying with Jas Prince earlier in the week. He’s also friends with the Migos.

Takeoff was tragically murdered around 2:30 AM Tuesday morning outside of a bowling alley called 810 Billiards & Bowling … following a heated argument between Quavo and another man.

It’s during the verbal altercation that Shakur was seen next to Takeoff.

Houston PD has asked witnesses to come forward to recount their side of the story. It’s unclear if police have been in contact with Stevenson or his people.

Hearts out to the family and friends! Especially, Quavo and Offset.

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