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Available Jobs For Africans In Canada Without Work Permit

Available Jobs For Africans In Canada Without Work Permit

As we know Canada is one of the toughest countries to live in when you aren’t legally documented or have a valid work permit. Life would be tough on your side if you should move there without these documents as their immigration system is very hard on illegal immigrants.

They are on record to be one of the countries that have the most difficult visa acquisition procedure and are on the notoriety of annual deportation of people. In 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown, they deported over 12,122 illegal immigrants from the country.

Despite it all, there are jobs you can do there even if your working permit isn’t in. Today we look at available jobs you can do in Canada without a work permit. Although they don’t need a work permit that doesn’t mean they are fully exempted from getting one.

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Accident investigator

Normally these people do deep findings into the root cause of road accidents, although it is a very delicate job they don’t look at you acquiring a permit. To qualify for this job you must be accredited by the road and safety commission in Canada before you proceed.

Business visitors

This is normally people who travel to Canada to have business meetings with businessmen in Canada. They are sometimes also invited to come and train workers who aren’t skilled in their field of work. Such professions don’t demand a work permit as it has been stated on your visa you going for a short stay maximum of six months.


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If you are a foreigner who works as a full-time pastor or clergyman you don’t necessarily need a work permit as those people mostly go to Canada for crusades and soul-winning works. They may have been invited by their colleague clergy friend to come to preach in their church.

Crew member

Normally if you work as a crew member in the aviation or ship sector the laws don’t necessarily permit you to get a working visa. As we know those people are always on the move globetrotting and not stationed in one place.

Examiner and Visiting lecturer

Normally visiting lecturers and examiners who are invited to evaluate people’s thesis and deliver lecturer notes are mostly exempted from work permits as they believe you wouldn’t keep long.

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