Gossip Evangelist, TGS Editor
I was thinking of putting out my autobiography here but since you're wondering how the hell I got the name Gossip Evangelist, there you have it. My friends who claim to hate gossips yet can't stop calling and asking me about the latest gossip in our village ordained me as 'Gossip Evangelist' after a decade of infesting their itchy ears with gossips! Yes, I deserved the ordination because I was actually doing house-to-house gossip evangelism. But since infesting their itchy ears with gossips wasn't enough I decided to upgrade and infest their big curious eyes with gossips too on TheGossipScoop.Com and here I am! Shout my name, Akosua Konkonsani when you see my fat ass in town! Wait! In case you have any celebrity gossip, hit up my fat ass at gossipevangelist@gmail.com.