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Australian TV Reporter Matt Doran Apologizes For Messing Up The Seven Network’s $1 Million Adele Interview

Australian TV Reporter Matt Doran Apologizes For Messing Up Weekend Sunrise's $1 Million Adele Interview

The Australian TV reporter, Matt Doran, who messed up The Seven Network’s $1 million Adele interview by not bothering to listen to Adele’s “30” album before the interview has apologized but the two weeks suspension remains untouched.

Matt Doran is explaining why he couldn’t listen to Adele’s “30” album before sitting with her to ask questions about the new top-charting album.

In the 20 to 30 minutes interview, Adele after realizing that Matt Doran was struggling with questions about her album asked him,  “What do you think of my album?” And then Matt honestly told her that he hasn’t listened to the album yet. “I haven’t listened to it”, was his response to Adele’s question.

Adele probably was like, b*tch! If you haven’t listened to the album yet then what the hell are you doing here? It’s reported that Adele walked out of the interview.

The Seven Network reportedly spent a whopping $1 million on the interview but since Matt Doran did a lazy job by not listening to and researching about Adele’s “30” album, that lifetime interview cannot be aired. In fact, Sony revoked Seven’s right from broadcasting the interview. $1 million flushed down the toilet!

Matt Doran in an interview with The Australian said:

“When I sat down to interview Adele, I was totally unaware that I’d been emailed a preview of her unreleased album. I have since discovered it was sent to me as an ‘e card’ link, which I somehow missed upon landing in London. It was an oversight but NOT a deliberate snub. This is the most important email I have ever missed.”

An interview that a company spent a whopping $1 million on and you say missing the important email to the album was an oversight and not deliberate? Matt Doran should come up with a convincing excuse because his excuses sound childish and it looks like he’s not someone interested in music.

Such gigs are mostly handled by Music Journalists and not just some lazy as* television host who wouldn’t bother listening to or researching about a song or album before getting into an interview with a musician.

In other Adele news, she broke down in tears after her teacher who changed her life showed up at her ITV concert. There is always that one teacher you would never forget for the impact he or she made in your life.

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