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AUDIO: Shatta Steals Sarkodie’s Shine On Yaw Sarpong’s “Ahobrase3” Song With His 10 Seconds Verse

Shatta Steals Sarkodie's Shine On Yaw Sarpong & Asomafo's “Ahobras3” Song With His 10 Seconds Verse

Legendary gospel musician, Yaw Sarpong, has finally released his “Ahobrase3” song with Asomafo featuring Sarkodie but shockingly, people aren’t talking about Sarkodie’s verses.

People are forwarding Yaw Sarpong’s “Ahobrase3” song featuring Sarkodie on social media platforms with the caption, “listen to Shatta Roko’s verse”.

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Is it that people aren’t interested in Sarkodie’s verses on the “Ahobrase3” song or Shatta Roko’s 10 seconds verse stole his shine?

Sarkodie had a good and sacred rap time on Yaw Sarpong’s “Ahobrase3” song but Shatta Roko’s 10 seconds verse is what people are talking about.

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Even though Dancehall musician, Shatta Roko’s name is never found on the artwork of Yaw Sarpong’s “Ahobrase3” song but trust me, he stole Sarkodie’s shine with his 10 seconds verse.

Skip to duration 5:15 and listen to Shatta Roko’s powerful 10 seconds verse on Yaw Sarpong’s “Ahobrase3” song featuring Sarkodie.

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