AUDIO: Major Reason Why Fella Makafui Will Never Accept Medikal Back Finally REVEALED

Possible Reason Why Medikal & Fella Makafui Are Breaking Up Revealed
Fella Makafui & Medikal

Finally, the one reason why Fella Makafui left Medikal and will never accept him back has been revealed in the below audio.


In audio sent to the Instagram gossip page, ThoseCalledCelebs, Medikal has allegedly been sleeping with Fella Makafui’s sister, Fendy and this isn’t the first.

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According to the audio, even though Fella Makafui still loves Medikal but Medikal allegedly committing incest with her sister is a no-no for Fella Makafui hence the rejection of his apology.

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Medikal and Fella Makafui love drama but it seems this one isn’t drama as many thought, it’s getting scary.

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Well, if this is another drama for the purpose of making the headlines then congratulations to them because they’ve achieved their aim.

And if it’s over between them for good all because Medikal has been sleeping with Fella’s sister, Fendi, again, congratulations!

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Listen to the audio below.