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AUDIO: Ignatius Of TV3 Date Rush Accepts To Date A Sugar Mommy In A Prank Call

TV3 Date Rush Contestant, Ignatius Finally Speaks On Rumoured Marriage And Kids

Ignatius of TV3 Date Rush showed his true colours during a prank phone call involving Giovani Caleb and a sugar mommy.

Long story short, Ignatius fell flat to the prank and accepted to date the sugar mommy in question.

Comedienne Jacinta played the sugar mommy role and after showing interest in Ignatius, he never turned her dating offer with juicy benefits down.

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Before Ignatius realised, he had already fallen flat to Giovani Caleb’s prank call aided by Jacinta.

It’s obvious that Ignatius is a ladies man who doesn’t loose guard when a glorious opportunity presents itself.

Listen the prank call below…

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