AUDIO: Funny Face’s Baby Mama Speaks And We Think He’s A Sick Idiot Who Needs To Be Thrown Into A Psychiatrist Prison

Has Funny Face Dumped His Current Baby Mama For Teaming Up With Kalybos, Lilwin And Others To Bring Him Down?
Funny Face, baby mama

If there is anything like Psychiatrist Prison, then Funny Face needs to be thrown there for a few years but since there isn’t a place like that, the Psychiatric hospital is the right quarters for him, currently.

All this while, Funny Face has been painting the mother of his twins black in the public, making her a bad and irresponsible woman who does not care about her own kids.

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But after she narrated her side of the drama to Maame Yeboah Asiedu whom Funny Face insulted and called her a pimp in his recent videos, we think Funny Face needs a serious mental evaluation and psychological help.

Morons would not even think of beating a breastfeeding mother but according to Funny Face’s baby mama who has dumped him, he once beat her.

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Is there any reason why a sane man would lay his hands on a breastfeeding mother? Hell NO and this is why we think Funny Face should be thrown into a psychiatrist prison.

According to Funny Face’s baby mama, if not for Maame Yeboah Asiedu, she would have dumped him long ago but for her counselling and advice, she chose to stay with him until she finally took a firm decision and dumped him in August 2019 after living with him became unbearable.

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Funny Face obviously thinks that Maame Yeboah Asiedu influenced his baby mama to dump him judging from the insults he rained on her in his recent rants on Instagram.