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AUDIO: An SM Fan Died After Speakers Fell On Him At Medikal’s 2019 “Welcome To Sowutuom” Concert

An SM Fan Died After Speakers Fell On Him At Medikal's 2019 “Welcome To Sowutuom” Concert

In an audio posted on the Instagram page of ThoseCalledCelebs, an SM fan allegedly met his untimely death after speakers fell on him during Shatta Wale’s performance at Medikal’s 2019 “Welcome To Sowutuom” Concert that was held on Saturday, November 30, 2019.

According to the lady in the alleged audio, some SM fans climbed the speakers just to witness Shatta Wale’s stage performance but unfortunately, the speakers collapsed and fell on them.

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One of the SM fans died and according to the lady in the audio, some people believed to be Medikal’s close associates forcefully took their mobile phones and deleted all the videos of what happened─meaning they never wanted it to come into the media.

According to her, some of the fans collapsed and were rushed to the hospital during Shatta Wale’s massive stage performance.

In another screenshot, an Instagram user @nimatu_guda alleged that someone also died after the stage got broken.

Listen to the audio below.

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