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Atheist And Lawyer, Chris-Vincent, Celebrates Moesha Buduong’s End And Gives Glory To Satan

Atheist And Lawyer, Chris-Vincent, Celebrates Moesha Buduong's End And Gives Glory To Satan

Ghanaian UK-based Atheist, Blogger and Lawyer, Chris-Vincent Agyapong is celebrating Moesha Buduong‘s end with a brutal article he titled, “Celebrating the End of Moesha Boduong—to Satan Be the Glory” and according to him, the slay queen turned born again Christian deserves whatever she is going through.

Chris-Vincent Agyapong who is the Founding Editor of says that Moesha Buduong is reaping whatever she has sowed over the years and that no one should feel sad for her.

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A portion of the article reads;

“Moesha Boduong has always been a con artist. Therefore, it is not surprising that she has now found faith and Jesus Christ, the master con-artist.

It’s the same faith and Jesus Christ that Nana Agraada also found a few months ago—after her fetish priest enterprise collapsed right in front of her. I hope you are smart enough to spot the pattern—what usually follows after a disastrous fall.

Moesha is a known social media brand, one that is synonymous with prostitution, lies, deception, and fraud. These are industry trade secrets employed by almost all those she partied with, competed with, and lived the depressing life disguised as thrilling with.

It’s not just Moesha. A lot of those we tag Ghanaian Celebrities or Socialites are depressed—living in a confused state of affairs and as the clock ticks, they will soon wither like grass. Read the full article here…