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Asamoah Gyan Threatens To Sue A Blogger Who Claimed He Missed Ghana Vrs Uruguay Penalty To Hurt His Ex-girlfriend

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Why is Asamoah Gyan pissed off and threatening to sue a Blogger for reposting a tweet made by a parody account? Did anyone sue him when he missed that glorious penalty against Uruguay in 2010?

People are still hurt and until he apologizes to Ghanaians for hurting them 10 years ago in South Africa, they will continue to remind him of that painful moment.

The fake tweet read; “I intentionally missed the penalty because of my ex…I wanted to break her heart”. This tweet was reposted by ThoseCalledCelebs on Instagram and Gyan is pissed off after seeing it.

He’s threatened the Blogger to delete it and render an apology to him else he will sue her. Well, the Blogger has replied to him and dared him to sue her.

Asamoah Gyan on Instagram wrote;

“Those called Celeb! pull this useless story linked to me down and retract with an apology with immediate effect , if you fail to do that within the next 3hrs , you will hear from my lawyers . This abuse in social media must stop. My account is verified on Twitter… your work as a journalist involves due diligence”.