Archbishop Duncan Williams Explains Why He Wore Double Nose Masks Despite Preaching About God’s Power Conquering COVID-19

Photo Of The Day: Man Of God, Archbishop Duncan Williams Wears 2 Nose Masks To Protect Himself From Contracting COVID-19
Archbishop Duncan Williams

Archbishop Duncan Williams has explained why he wore two nose masks to protect himself from deadly COVID-19 during the late Jerry John Rawlings’ funeral.

People were shocked that a man of God who has been preaching about faith and the power of God conquering everything including COVID-19 could put double nose masks on his nose and mouth over fears of contracting the virus.

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Explaining why he wore double masks, he said;

“Any atmosphere that is not prayer and Holy Ghost saturated, I will use my double mask and that has nothing to do with faith that just has to do with common sense. For the bible says, ‘Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can imagine,’ that word imagine means ‘think’ and it is common sense so use your head”.

He has explained but it seems the sane Ghanaians aren’t convinced looking how they are trolling him on the internet.