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Apologise For What? AKA Quizzes Ice Prince After He Asked Him To Apologise To Nigerians

It’s clear that South African rapper, AKA isn’t remorseful of his tweet supporting xenophobic attacks on Nigerians living and operating businesses in South Africa.

Even though he is been condemned by Nigerians and other people on Twitter over his tweet supporting the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians based on South Africa but it seems he still stands by his tweet.

Nigerian musician, Ice Prince in a tweet asked him to apologise for supporting xenophobic attacks in South Africa but his reply simply indicates that he’s never sorry for his tweet.

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Ice Prince tweeted: “APOLOGIZE IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!. AKA retweeted it and quizzed, “For what?”

South African rapper, AKA still stands by his “Imagine I said “stay in your country” … the uproar” tweet in the midst of several backlashes.


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