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Another Woman Named Yami Taylor Blasts Zion Williamson For Sleeping With Her Despite Getting Concrete Rose Pregnant

Another Woman Named Yami Taylor Blasts Zion Williamson For Sleeping With Her Despite Getting Concrete Rose Pregnant

Zion Williamson has been zooming in and out of women all this while and now, he is being exposed and disgraced by these women on the internet. It’s a shame that he couldn’t zip up and be with his pregnant girlfriend Concrete Rose—who seems unbothered about him going around and sleeping with numerous women.

There is a third woman named Yami Taylor who has also called out Zion Williamson for sleeping with her despite knowing he had a baby on the way. Yami claims Zion flew her out, and got her courtside seats and other benefits knowing very well that he was expecting a child with Rose.

What do you expect from a young NBA star whose d—k is jacked up and ready to release into anything in a skirt? Yami Taylor enjoyed a VIP treatment from Zion Williamson and still expected him to be faithful or tell her the damn truth?

Yami Taylor, it’s your loss!

According to the New York Post;

After Zion Williamson and his girlfriend, Ahkeema announced that they are expecting a baby, adult film star Moriah Mills went on a Twitter tirade claiming that she had recent sexual relations with the NBA star.

On Tuesday night, Ahkeema posted photos of the apparent couple’s gender reveal party, indicating that she is pregnant with a baby girl that is due in November.

This set off alarm bells for Mills, who claimed she has been with Williamson in the not-too-distant past.

“Better pray I’m not pregnant too because I’m definitely late @Zionwilliamson,” Mills tweeted.

“I was with you last week in New Orleans and you couldn’t tell me you had a random thot pregnant after all I’ve done for you @Zionwilliamson.”

“I let you f–k me so many times without condom and this is what u do to me a hood rat that does cpn.”

“You putting my life in danger f–king all these hoes raw.”

“I let you spit in my mouth last week when we f–ked you could of told me you had another whore pregnant how was that gonna work moving us both to New Orleans you think I would have found out @ZionWilliamson.”

Mills also posted tweets purporting to be screenshots of flirtatious messages from Williamson and claimed that she has been helping him get back into game shape.

Ahkeema appeared to address the torrent of tweets from Mills, by sending out a subtweet: “Happy hoes ain’t hating and hating hoes ain’t happy.”

To this, Mills responded, “You not on my level mah believe that.”

Williamson played in just 29 games this past season, after missing all of last year, as he has been battling a persistent foot injury.

He signed a five-year rookie max extension worth up to $213 million in July 2021. 

I now understand why all these women are after Zion Williamson. You know, being a 22-year-old NBA star with over $200 million as a net worth will definitely attract women and since Zion can’t zip up, he’s ended up topping the trends on the socials. It’s a huge scandal and I hope he zips up going forward and focus on his NBA career.

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