Angry Wendy Shay Curses Keche Joshua For Claiming She’s Mentally Sick

VIDEO: Keche Joshua Mocks Wendy Shay And Claims That She's Going Through Psychological Trauma
Keche & Wendy Shay

Wendy Shay has descended on Keche Joshua for claiming that she needs medical help and also mocking her in a video posted to his Instagram page.

Truth be told, it was stupidity on the side of Keche Joshua to troll Wendy Shay over what he knows nothing about.

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According to Keche, he thinks Wendy Shay is going through psychological trauma and needs medical attention, probably, should be taken to a psychiatrist hospital for a mental evaluation.

Wendy Shay has taken to Twitter and cursed Keche. She says his daughter will be treated the same way he has treated her. AMEN!

She tweeted;

“kecheJoshua are you not ashamed of yourself?.your Wife shd be ashamed of you old artiste mocking a fellow young artiste who is a woman They will do worst things to your daughter For your Info I’m not on drugs and I’m not going thru anything Hater! #bringbackprayfortheworld“.