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Angry Estranged Husband Destroys His Wife Patricia Dunn’s Home Over No-contact Divorce Ruling

Angry Estranged Husband Destroys His Wife Patricia Dunn's Home Over No-contact Divorce Ruling

The dumbest crime in the history of all crimes happened on Sunday in Normandie Ave, South Los Angeles. A bitter and jealous husband of a woman identified as Patricia Dunn went bonkers over a no-contact divorce ruling, so he hopped into his truck and started destroying Patricia’s home and neighbors’ cars in broad daylight.

Yes, he did damage properties while neighbors stood and watched him. No wonder his wife is divorcing him, dude is lame AF!

However, Patricia is currently traumatized hence seeking asylum due to the fear for her life. Patricia claims that her obviously sick husband is verbally abusive and was trying to kill her when he ran into the house with the truck. The dude is more than verbally abusive, he is a maniac.

Via VladTV;

The United States currently has a 50/50 divorce rate, but for some couples, the bitterness of an inevitable ending to something that once held so much promise is just a little too much to bare. On Sunday, Patricia Dunn of South Los Angeles found out the hard way that there might be some truth to the old adage, “All is fair in love and war.” When her estranged husband got behind the steering wheel of a dump truck and plowed into her home, it sent the Westmont neighborhood into a frenzy as residents yelled and horns honked in the background. The suspect’s dramatic on-camera display occurred in broad daylight on 107th Street and Normandie Ave.  Plenty of witnesses were on hand to watch the destruction, including Patricia.

“A man under that kind of rage, who’s to say what he might do?” Patricia said for a legal battle regarding  “He was trying to kill me. He really was…We are going through a divorce. And he is upset about the fact no contact. He’s verbally abusive, and I have nothing nice to say.”

In the moments leading up to the aforementioned crash, Patricia’s husband allegedly drove by her home three times in his Chevy Impala before ramming that vehicle into the house. The dump truck wasn’t introduced into the confrontation until the second round of attacks.  

Patrica is reportedly seeking a restraining order against her husband, and she has relocated for the time being out of fear for her life.

I’m not sure how many years they were married, but how did Patricia survive a single day under this childish being? Disgusting! I abhor people who cannot control themselves in dispute and resort to violence extremely. Get your sh-t together, man!

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