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Angela Simmons Biography And Net Worth

Angela Simmons biography and net worth

Who is Angela Simmons?

Angela Simmons is an American media personality also known as the owner of the shoe Brand Pastry which she has a website for promoting it.

She is also known to be a great expert in influencing people’s products and brands with excellent marketing and communication skills for that.

Today we are going to look at her early life, how she began her career, and dive a bit into her personal life.

Full Name: Angelina Renee Simmons
Date of birth:18th September 1987
Occupation: Media personality, brands influencer, entrepreneur, fashion designer
Net worth:$8 million
Nationality: American
Color of the hair: Black
Color of the eye: Brown

Early life

Born in New York on the 18th of September 1987 to a DJ father who had much insight into the entertainment industry.

Angela was brought up in a very strict Christian background and her parents made sure she didn’t engage herself in unacceptable activities although they divorced along the line. After developing a strong passion for fashion, she enrolled in a fashion institute where she graduated with a first degree in fashion.


She began a career in fashion where she opened her own fashion shop selling all kinds of gender clothes before expanding her business by including skincare products called Simmons beauty.

She was able to win the hearts of many celebs who usually came to purchase her products and also promote them on their handles.

As a brand influencer herself, she has marketed many top brands on her Instagram page and her excellent marketing and communication skills have brought in more customers to them.

She, later on, came up with her shoe brand called pastry shoe designs and has a website that loves pastry for advertising and also selling online to people.

She is also active in the media space as she has been featured in several television programs and movies.

Charitable deeds

Beyond her fame and wealth, she seems to have a soft heart for the less privileged as posts on her social media show her regularly making donations to poverty-stricken communities.

She has also organized several charity programs to help support kids from poor homes

Personal life

Due to her huge influence in the fashion world, she has been romantically linked with several men including Sutton Tennyson with whom they had their first son.

The pair broke up in 2017 as Sutton was caught cheating. He lost his life to a gunshot after engaging in a brawl with someone.

She also dated basketball star Romeo miller but they later broke up. He then entered into a relationship with boxer Daniel Jacobs whom they usually posted each other on their social media handles.

Net worth

She currently has a net worth of $8 million thanks to her many businesses owned and also other brands she influences.

Her shoe and clothing business reportedly fetches her millions of dollars annually as it comes in a very quality form. She also pockets thousands of dollars should he market your product.

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