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Angela Okorie Has Been Blackmailing Ex-sugar Daddies & Boyfriends Including Actor Frank Artus

Angela Okorie Has Been Blackmailing Ex-sugar Daddies & Boyfriends Including Actor Frank Artus

Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie after receiving multiple bullets in the head is still alive and even posting regularly on Instagram─perhaps, this is the biggest miracle and lie of the year 2019.

The actress claims she was attacked by unknown gunmen who fired multiple bullets at her─with some of the bullets penetrating into her head and all that──such crappy report!

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There is a hot gossip on the Instagram page of @Cutie_juls2 and it points to her attack which left her multiple wounds.

It’s alleged that Angela Okorie is in the habit of blackmailing ex-sugar daddies and boyfriends for money─and this time around, luck wasn’t on her side.

One of her victims is popular actor, Frank Artus. According to the report, she blackmailed Frank Artus after he dumped her until she got what she wanted from him.

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And on her recent attack, the report alleges that she was blackmailing a rich sugar daddy──and long story short, the wife allegedly hired gunmen to eliminate her.

Read the full report by @Cutie_juls2 below.

“But side-chics, stop being stubborn. When it’s time to leave, stop making stupid demands.

Typical example is this same Angela. I remember early this year when the owner of Bay Lounge in Lekki wanted to walk off after catching his fun. Angela no gree. She told the man to pay her for using her. Forgetting all the money the man showered on her during their fun times. She even went to the man’s wife’s page on IG and followed her. Started commenting on her pics and famzing. When the man confronted her, she insisted on getting paid. I know this and Angela knows I know this. Most of the gist, we try to solve it back door. The man had to block Angela on his wife’s IG account. Paid Angela her initial request o. But guess what? Angela kept demanding for more and more anytime she needs money. Same thing with Pastor Chidi. Tell Angela you want a breakup and you and she will start demanding for pay off cash which you will never finish paying if you’re not stubborn like her. Even actor Frank Artus was Angela’s victim at one point. The guy no see room to breath. Not monetary demands o. Not at all. Angela just didn’t want to accept for the guy to walk away.

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See Angela has my full support and sympathy on this attack but clearly she needs to change some of her ways.

Angela, biko, we need you alive. This your attack dey pain me wella”.

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