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Anansa Sims Defends Her Fiancée Matt Barnes’ Infamous Spit On Her Ex-Husband David Patterson Jr

Anansa Sims Defends Her Fiancée Matt Barnes' Infamous Spit On Her Ex-Husband David Patterson Jr

Anansa Sims says her ex-husband David Patterson Jr deserved the “spit in the face” from her fiancée Matt Barnes. (Well, she didn’t say it literally, but she implied it).

Anansa Sims has released a statement in support of her fiancee Matt Barnes, claiming that Patterson Jr has harassed them for so long that Matt became overwhelmed and reacted. And that does not make Patterson Jr the victim. Anansa says no matter how bad the situation seemed, Matt is the victim, not Patterson, who has been harassing them and even their kids for years.

Anansa in her long statement hinted that Patterson is a nuisance who should not be pitied because she had to obtain a restraining order against Patterson last year when he threatened to come to their kids’ game with a shotgun. According to Anansa, the “spat in the face” is the least Patterson deserves, considering all the damage he has caused.

To confirm Anansa and Matt’s story, Matt has been granted a restraining order against Patterson. Meaning, the dude has been the a**hole all this while.

Via Media Take Out;

Anansa Sims issued a statement defending Matt Barnes after Barnes got into an altercation with Sims’ ex-husband, David Patterson Jr, and spat on him.

Patterson sued Barnes for the assault and was granted a restraining order against him.

“I’m exhaling, because I hate making private matters public, but in this case our personal family matters are already public,” Anansa wrote. “Co-parenting can be challenging and I’m sure those of you who are on the journey to getting to a healthy place for our children can understand and relate. This is not one incident, this is a series of several incidents.

“It’s been heartbreaking for me to sit back silently and watch the way this has played out knowing the truth and history behind the altercation. I hate that after years of my Ex Husband harassing Matt and I, that he finally provoked Matt into reacting. I know this is a lot to read, but if you take the time to read each of the 10 slides you’ll have a better understanding of what we’ve been going through.”

Are you still blaming Matt for overreacting, or do you think his reaction is justified?

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