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An Unemployed Man Is Looking For A Beautiful, Fair, Loving & Caring Woman To Marry

An Unemployed Man Is Looking For A Beautiful, Fair, Loving & Caring Woman To Marry

The feminists all over the world will definitely descend heavily on this unemployed Indian man, Dr Abhinao Kumar, for advertising on the internet that he needs a “very fair, beautiful, very loyal, very trustworthy, loving, caring, brave, powerful, rich” to marry.

An unemployed man with high taste? He can get such a woman in India or elsewhere but definitely not in Africa especially Ghana where the majority of the pretty, fair, loyal and loving women are expecting rich men to toast them.

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Dr Abhinao Kumar’s matrimonial advertisement has gone viral on the internet with a lot of reactions, especially on Twitter.

Even though Dr Abhinao Kumar is jobless but he has a tall list of traits that any woman interested in his viral matrimonial advertisement must have to become his bride.

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In Dr Abhinao Kumar’s matrimonial advertisement, the woman must be rich, extremely patriotic, expert in child-raising and more in order to qualify to be his bride.

If you are a woman having all these extensive traits listed in Dr Abhinao Kumar’s matrimonial advertisement and interested, give him a call through the mobile number provided in the below screenshot.

Check out some of the reactions on Twitter below.

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