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Amber Rose Says She Wants To ‘Eat Groceries’ In Exchange For Super Bowl Tickets

Amber Rose Says She Wants To 'Eat Groceries' In Exchange For Super Bowl Tickets

Amber Rose was not invited to the Super Bowl, so the only way she can go in is if she sleeps with an invited person and the person enjoy the s-x enough to take her along. And according to Amber, she doesn’t mind at all.

Amber Rose took to Instagram to hunt for an invited guest at the Super Bowl who will want his or her a** eating in exchange for tickets to the show.

According to Amber, she is desperate enough to eat the soul out of the person to get access. Unfortunately for Amber, almost all the male guests have slept with her already; hence they would be hesitant to grant her wish.

The Super Bowl is set for Sunday, 12 Feb. Will Amber “eat groceries” good enough to get a ticket or a date? I doubt it, but time will tell.

Via Media Take Out;

Amber Rose really wants to attend to the Super Bowl and is willing to go to the extreme to get tickets.

“Yo, who’s ass I gotta eat to get tickets to the Super Bowl?” she wrote on Instagram. She captioned the post, “Bitch I’ll have a bussy eatin’ contest for them tickets #FlyEaglesFly.”

Years ago, Amber revealed to the world that her ex Kanye West allegedly enjoys ass play during sex.

“Awww @kanyewest are u mad I’m not around to play in ur asshole anymore? #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch” Rose tweeted in 2016.

Ye addressed the allegations: “Exes can be mad but just know I never let them play with my ass… I don’t do that… I stay away from that area all together”

He added, “I’m not into that kind of sh-t… I like pictures and videos Me and my wife got the kind of love that can turn exes into best friends.”

This explains Amber’s choice of men, it has always been famous men that can take her to the finest places. It always ends messy, but she seems not to care.

Amber recently claimed that she was done with men, but of course not when that man comes with a Super Bowl ticket.

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