All Thanks To God, We Won’t Get To Listen To Dry Jokes Anymore Because DKB Is Finally Quitting Comedy

All Thanks To God, We Won't Get To Listen To Dry Jokes Anymore Because DKB Is Finally Quitting Comedy

Comedian DKB thinks that people must always laugh at whatever dry jokes he throws at them and since that’s not happening, he’s now making a decision on quitting comedy for good──probably to try his luck with boxing and I think he will do better with Bukom Banku and the likes in that field.

If you are reading this article and you have laughed over a joke DKB cracked, just send a short video clip of that joke to my personal mail and I will drop Ghc100 in your MoMo right away.

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Now, back to DKB’s intention of quitting comedy, I think we should be happy over his decision and give him a hand of applause because you know what? We won’t get to listen to his dry jokes anymore──we can now save our eardrums from damaging.

DKB is quitting comedy because he thinks the insults people rain on him are too much to bear──but what does DKB expects from people he hasn’t been able to put laughter on their lips with his jokes? Obviously, they will resort to insults.

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DKB in a tweet said;

“I’m RETIRING from comedy. I’m tired. Enough of negativity & disrespect, I didn’t kill anyone, I just make people laugh, so why the insults in return? My mental health is important to me. So called fans also don’t show love publicly. I’ve lifted Ghana comedy, done my part.”

Thanks to DKB, the era of dry jokes in Ghana will soon be over!