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Aliza Jane

Aliza Jane

Who is Aliza Jane?

Aliza Jane is a model who made headlines after coming out to say he once shared a kiss with rapper Kanye West, an act people deemed inappropriate because the rapper was at that time having problems in his marriage.

Early life

Born on the 26th of May 1997, Aliza Jane was brought up in a strict Christian home although information about his parents and siblings is very scarce.

She is rumored to have had her early years in a suburb of California where she had both her elementary and high school education.

The career of Aliza Jane

Aliza Jane began her career as a model right after school where she modeled for several top brands and modeling agencies. She was also contacted by many top magazines that used her photos on their cover pages. She also tried her hands on music which she was unsuccessful with, as listeners of her songs tagged it her songs trash.

They believed she should just stick to her modeling career and leave singing for the singers as her voice s-cks. She then underwent liposuction to enlarge her b-tt and posted pictures of herself on Instagram afterward. The act stirred a lot of comments from her fans with it even increasing her social media following.

Controversies of Aliza Jane

She once revealed on her page that during one of her birthday celebrations, she linked up with seven Phoenix NBA stars in a hotel room where she gave them all a bl-wjob. She went on to say that she would post snippets of it on her Only fans account.

She then did the unthinkable when she revealed on a podcast show that she once shared a kiss with Kanye West on new year’s eve. A statement she didn’t seem remorseful for saying.

Personal life

Aliza Jane may be portraying a bad character on social media space but she’s a very private person and to date, no one knows the lucky man warming her bed. She refuses to give a candid response anytime she is questioned about it.

She recently posted pictures of her pregnant self on her Instagram although the father of the child she’s carrying is still unknown.

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