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Alexx Ekubo Is Allegedly Gay – Reason His Fiance, Fancy Acholonu Has Dumped Him And Called Off Their Engagement

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The reason why Alexx Ekubo‘s fiance, Fancy Acholonu, has dumped him and called off their engagement is sort of finally out, it’s unofficial though since it’s not coming from Fancy. She never bothered to let us the social media in-laws know.

It’s alleged that Alexx Ekubo is gay and it’s allegedly the reason why Fancy Acholonu has dumped him and called off their engagement.

Fancy probably doesn’t want a man who f***ks or gets f***ked by his fellow man and then comes home to sleep with her too. That’s cheating raised to the power 2.

Now, gossipmongers on Instagram are gossipping that Alexx Ekubo’s gay partner is his colleague actor IK Ogbonna and their affair is what led to IK and his wife’s marriage breakup.

Let’s see what happens in the coming days if Fancy Acholonu will be bold enough to spill the truth. In her breakup announcement, she said it’s important everyone live in their truth and you know what that means, right?