Akumaa Mama Zimbi Reacts To Rumours That She Was Sleeping With The Slain Gym Instructor, Little

Akumaa Mama Zimbi
Akumaa Mama Zimbi & Little

Akumaa Mama Zimbi has finally reacted to allegations that she was warming the bed of the slain gym instructor identified as Little.


It was reported that Akumaa Mama Zimbi was even there with Little when the unknown gunmen shot and killed him on the spot. Reacting to the allegations, she posted a video that talked about not laughing at another person’s troubles on Instagram.

“When you see men fall ‘Don’t laugh, LEARN LEARN. Because you are on your way up and the things that temped people to fall ‘ you and I are not free from that temptation ‘ nor from the weakness that would cause us to stumble and fall.

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When you laugh at somebody else’s fall… white or black, rich or poor, your enemy or your friend you are laughing and opening a way for your own demise when you do that. Because to laugh and not learn to make mockery….”

It was reported that she dated Little for seven years, bought him motorbikes and rented a place for him. Watch the video below…

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