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Akua GMB’s Secret Boyfriend Who’s Reportedly Richer Than Dr. Kwaku Oteng Spotted With Her At An Event

Name Of Young & Energetic Man With A Long 'D' Allegedly Bonking Dr Kwaku Oteng's 4th Wife, Akua GMB Revealed

It is reported that Dr. Kwaku Oteng‘s estranged wife, Akua GMB is currently dating a young dude who is reportedly richer than her ex-husband.

And it seems the gentleman drilling Akua GMB in the bedroom has been spotted with her during one of the events. In a photo circulating on Instagram, Akua was seen with this dude at an event, and from their posture, you could sense there is something intimate going on between them.

Unfortunately, the man’s face was covered with an emoji so as it stands, his identity remains a mystery and in the four corners of Akua GMB’s bedroom.

Akua GMB, if you wanted to be with a young man, why did you jump into Dr. Kwaku Oteng’s net in the first place? Or you thought he wasn’t going to add more wives after you?

Dr. Kwaku Oteng is the lady’s “Dzaddy”!!! With a few dollar bills, they will gladly open their legs for him! Ask Tracey Boakye.

Check the photo below…