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Akon Trolled For Wearing Fake Designer Dior

Akon Trolled For Wearing Fake Designer Dior

Akon was on Drink Champs, where he and Nore were discussing when he bought a fake designer watch as a gift for French Montana. According to Akon, the incident was a clear oversight, as he was defrauded by the seller. Interestingly, Akon was wearing another fake designer jacket right on the show while discussing the incident.

Of course, social media couldn’t ignore the massive humiliation, not when Akon has been a ton in the flesh of many. Hence, a rapper named Symba took to Twitter to start the drag by mocking Akon and his fake jacket. And it is bad—so bad that DIOR was spelled DRIO.

Via Media Take Out;

Rapper and businessman Akon is reportedly worth tens of millions of dollars. And Media Take Out has learned that while Akon likes to make REAL money … he also likes FAKE things.

Like his hairline.

Last week Akon appeared on the Drink Champs podcast, where he wore a designer DIOR jacket. There was one problem … the jacket was a fake.

And not just any fake. Media Take Out confirmed that the fake was so bad, that the bootleggers, actually spelled the name DIOR wrong.

A popular blogger pointed it out, and called out Akon.

This isn’t the first time that the African rapper was caught with bootleg designer gear.

During the Drink Champs podcast, Nore exposed a time when Akon bought rapper French Montana a luxury watch as a gift. And it turned out that the watch was a fake.

With a net worth of $60 million, Akon can afford to purchase luxury goods from time to time, however, his constant buying of fakes means he is not as enlightened about designer wear as his fellow celebrities. He should just be sick of quality clothes instead of this sh-t that keeps humiliating him.

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