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Akon Trashed For Saying African Singers Are Better Performers Than Americans

Akon Trashed For Saying African Singers Are Better Performers Than Americans

The day we have not been waiting for is here regardless, all thanks to Akon. Akon on The ZeZe Millz Show said African singers are better performers than American artists and black Americans are livid and roasting the sh-t out of the millionaire singer.

According to Akon, most American singers are mostly intoxicated while performing, and mostly half sleepy as well. But these Africans are energetic when it comes to stage performances and hence provide intriguing performances compared to the lousy sh-ts Americans do up here.

Well, that did not sit down well with black Twitter so Akon is currently on the roasting table being cut into numerous pieces with insults and trolls.

Via Media Take Out;

Akon is facing backlash after he claimed in an interview that Africans are better performers than Americans.

“We a little different when it comes to stage presence,” Akon on The ZeZe Millz Show. “Now in America? Oh yeah, them n-ggas gonna be wobbling, pants hanging half down, bored as hell, half asleep ’cause they high as hell. But in Africa, I mean look at these YouTube clips of all these kids from Uganda, these kids are performers.”

He continued: “So for us, it comes naturally to watch the kids from Africa. It’s in their blood. Performing is like second nature for us.”

Akon is a Senegalese American singer, songwriter and record producer. He has released several hit albums and has worked with some of the biggest stars in the music industry, including Snoop Dogg, Gwen Stefani, Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson and Tekashi 6ix9ine.

This can be settled with a live performance, an African best artist, and a black American best-performing artist on the same stage, so we can settle the scores ourselves. Enough of the Twitter drama, Akon should let it happen!

Here is how Black Twitter trashed Akon over his claim:

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