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Akon Admits He Used To Chase Clout With His Injustice Claims

Akon Trashed For Saying African Singers Are Better Performers Than Americans

It is not only the Kardashians who got famous through ridiculous acts like stripping down their clothes; fame comes with lots of absurdities, and even Akon has admitted that he is one of those artists who went to the extreme to gain fame and be accepted into the music industry.

Akon, who has been tagged as being unnecessarily dramatic, claims that being an American, he was hardly discriminated against as a black person, but to belong and follow the bandwagon, he labeled himself a victim of an injustice, all in an attempt to belong to the black community.

He also claims he extended his desperation by buying numerous cars because they made him look cool. Looking back, he said the acts were childish and totally unnecessary. He shouldn’t have called himself the African Prince.

Via Media Take Out;

In a recent interview, Akon admitted that he used to pretend to be an American Prince.

“I used the excuse that I was a survivor, because it made me feel better about it. But there was nothing for me to survive. Because my parents was actually really wealthy. I was living in New Jersey. We lived in a three-story house, just me and my older brother. So when I think about it, we were just bored as hell,” he said on Drink Champs.

He continued: “I think a lot of my choices came from wanting to be accepted, you know? So that’s how I got caught into all the things that I got caught into, including cars. Because cars made me feel special. I was young, I could drive with the most elite vehicles, and I ran with the scenario that I was an African prince.”

Akon made headlines last week when he finally replaced a fake watch her bought rapper French Montana.

Celebrities will go to any extent to trend, label themselves victims of injustice, take advantage of people, and do a whole lot of sh-t. Akon has reduced his clout-chasing antics to an extent. Hopefully, he doesn’t resume the silly tactics; we have the young, desperate artists to deal with.

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