Afia Schwar Probably Worked As A Cleaner With The Supposed Airline Company And Not As Air Hostess

Afia Schwar Posts A Throwback Photo Of When She Was An Air Hostess - Dares Mona Gucci To Prove She's A Lawyer
Afia Schwar

Afia Schwarzenegger proving that she once worked as an air hostess with an aviation company has posted a throwback photo of her in a dirty white shirt with a white pilot at the bank of either river or lake.

What’s shocking is that Afia Schwar couldn’t mention the name of the particular aviation company she claimed to have worked for as an air hostess in her Instagram post to mock Mona Gucci.

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It’s obvious that Afia Schwarzenegger never worked as an air hostess for the unnamed aviation company judging from how she has ignored questions about the name of the aviation company.

Afia Schwarzenegger probably worked as a cleaner at the supposed aviation company and not as an air hostess as she claims.

It could also be that she dressed up looking like an air hostess and forced himself on the pilot for a photograph. Afia Schwar is and has always been a clout chaser so she’s capable of faking and posing as an air hostess.