Afia Schwar Claims Mzbel’s Papano Paid Her To Discontinue Her Beef With Her

It Appears Papano Has Paid Afia Schwar To Cease-Fire With Mzbel In Their Ongoing Beef
Mzbel and Afia Schwar

Loudmouth comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger has ceased fire on the ongoing feud with Mzbel, her reason being that Mzbel’s Papano has filled her pockets with the bags $$$.

Afia Schwar and Mzbel have been at each other’s throat the past days after their age-old beef was reincarnated. Afia Schwar asked Mzbel to say Fi (dare her) and she would wash all her dirty linen in public.

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Just as we expected Mzbel dared her to come out and spill anything she has if not the usual lies to tarnish her image.

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However, in a recent convo on Facebook, Afia Schwar was asked by a fan that Mzbel has indeed said “Fi” hence she needs to drop her secrets as she said she would.

But in Afia’s reply, Mzbel’s Papano has greased her palms with cash to cease fire hence allowing her to go scot-free.