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Admin Of Popular Facebook Group, “Tell It Moms” Barbie Nubi, Threatens To Sue A Member For Defamation

Admin Of Popular All-female Facebook Group, Barbie Nubi, Threatens To Sue A Member For Defamation

As I’ve always maintained, a lot of drama happens in these all-female Facebook groups─and it is funny when you chance on screenshots of some the drama in these group especially in the popular “Tell It Moms” group.

There is a lawsuit drama in “Tell It Moms” group and it’s between the administrator, Barbie Nubi and a member known as Chichi Mental Boham.

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The administrator, Barbie Nubi has hired the law firm, Archer, Archer & Co to threaten Chichi Mental Boham with a defamation lawsuit.

And this comes on the back of a contribution made by the group to help a sick woman─and unfortunately, she died.

Chichi Mental Boham, a member posted in the group and alleged that half of the money, Ghc20,000 was left unaccounted for after the woman died─and this is the reason why Barbie Nubi is threatening to sue her.

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Lawyers for admin, Barbie Nubi have threatened Chichi Mental Boham to “cease, desist, and retract all defamatory statements concerning their client or get sued!

Current motto of Tell It Moms: “Demand accountability and get sued!”

Below is the letter from Barbie Nubi’s lawyers addressed to the member Chichi Mental Boham.

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