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Actores de Hollywood Hombres

Hollywood over the years has proven to the public that it isn’t a gender-based entity but allows all kinds of gender to partake in the movie industry.

Both genders are also doing well in both action, comedy, and romantic wise. Today we will deal with Actores de Hollywood Hombres which means male actors in Hollywood.

Daniel Radcliffe

Movie lovers who have watched the Harry Porter movie are very familiar with his face even though he now looks more mature.

He made his first onscreen appearance at the young age of twelve although his parents disapproved of the idea from start. The British actor has then grown to be one of the sought-after actors.

Matthew McConaughey

Matt McConaughey started as a supporting actor in movies before earning his first role in a Time to Kill movie which was his biggest breakthrough. He also appeared in Wolf in Wall Street and is a recipient of several awards.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Born to parents who were both actively involved in acting, Jake Gyllenhaal made his first onscreen appearance when he was a little boy. He appeared in several movies alongside his dad, and also played the child role in other movies.

Despite his parent’s huge legacy made onscreen, they restricted him from shooting certain movies. He has since then appeared in several action movies such as Brokeback Mountain, Source Code, and Spider-Man.

Jake is also a recipient of several international awards including the BAFTA and Tony awards.

Colin Farrell

One of the iconic figures who is lifting the flag of Ireland higher, you can deny the fact that Colin Farrell is an exceptional onscreen talent. He has been featured in several action and romantic movies such as Daredevil, New World, and Alexander.

Colin’s fame cuts across both Irish and Hollywood movie industries and has built a strong fanbase on both sides. He is also a recipient of the Boston Society of films award and also the Golden Globe award.

Bradley Cooper

Born and raised in a town called Philadelphia, the celebrated actor has been featured in several movies including Hangover and S-x and The City.

Bradley Cooper is heavily recognized due to his huge impact in both acting and producing movies. This concludes our article for Actores de Hollywood Hombres.

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