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A$AP Rocky Busts Rihanna’s Manager Jay Brown Sleeping On Duty

A$AP Rocky Busts Rihanna's Manager Jay Brown Sleeping On Duty

Being a member of Rihanna‘s management can be exciting and hectic. And Roc Nation’s executive member Jay Brown seems not to be having it easy. On Tuesday 10th January after the Golden Globe Awards, Rihanna, her partner, A$AP Rocky, and her crew stopped at a restaurant in Santa Monica for a bite, and A$AP was called when Jay Brown was caught napping in the car by some crew members.

Well, crew members did not let the moment slide by without recording it and having a good laugh. A$AP was called and he had a good laugh before finally waking Brown and joining her partner in the restaurant.

Rihanna and A$AP seem to be head over heels for each other and having a great time together, especially after the birth of their first child.

Via XXL;

A$AP Rocky recently caught Rihanna’s manager napping on the job.

On Tuesday night (Jan. 10), A$AP Rocky and Ri Ri stopped for dinner at a restaurant in Santa Monica, Cailf. following the Golden Globes. TMZ photogs captured footage of the couple’s grand entrance. Before Rocky stepped foot in the eatery, he is notified by someone on his team that a member of their entourage, Roc Nation exec Jay Brown, is snoozing in the car

Don’t do him like that,” Rocky says laughing, before knocking on the hood of the car and waking Brown from his slumber. Rocky gets a good laugh out of the incident before rejoining Rihanna in the restaurant.

Rocky and Ri Ri seem to be going as strong as ever since welcoming their first child together last May. Last month, they shared the first photos of the baby boy.

Rihanna is currently prepping for her big halftime show performance at the upcoming Super Bowl. Not much is known about the upcoming set. Rihanna’s SB performance comes a year after Dr. Dre’s epic Super Bowl LVI halftime show performance last February, which featured guest appearances from Eminem, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Blige, and won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety Special (Live).

A$AP Rocky recently announced his new album Don’t Be Dumb.

Although RiRi’s pregnancy was constantly in the news, she decided to go private with the baby, and after several months just a single image of the adorable kid surfaced online, with his name still unknown. Meanwhile, Brown deserves some nap time though, he deserves it with all the hard work.

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