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A Cousin Of Joan Of TV3 Date Rush Finally Speaks On Mental Illness And Drug Addiction Allegations

A Cousin Of Joan Of TV3 Date Rush Finally Speaks On Drug Addiction And Mental Illness Allegations

Following exclusive last night about Joan of TV3 Date Rush being mentally unstable and alleged drug addict, a cousin of Joan who identified herself as Vivian spoke to us this morning about the allegations.

According to Vivian, Joan is very stable mentally and has never been a drug addict as the source alleged.

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On whether or not Joan was once suspended at the National Identification Authority (NIA) for portraying extreme meanness towards some applicants──casting doubts on her mental wellbeing, Vivian angrily answered that she is mentally stable and has never been suspended by the NIA.

Our phone call conversation with Vivian ended on a bad note──as she screamed on us after the question of whether Joan was kicked out of the United States by her parents or not was thrown at her.

From the cousin of Joan, Vivian, she is sound and well and that allegations of drug addiction and mental illness should be quashed!

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But in a comment monitored on social media, one commenter on Facebook, Samuel Nii Daily claimed that Joan registered him on the Ghana Card Registration at Nungua and “she was very hard on some of the applicant…”

Joan may not be battling with mental illness but her extreme meanness towards people could be the reason why people believe she is mentally not well.

We are working on speaking to Joan and once we get to speak to her, we’ll update our cherished readers.

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