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90% Of Ghana’s Income Comes From Scammers And It’s A Fact – American Man Claims

90% of Ghana's income comes from scammers

There is a bad perception out there about Africans especially Nigerians and Ghanaians and it seems nothing can be done to change that, too bad.

Whiles some foreign nationals think Ghana is a peaceful country with good and hospitable people, others think otherwise.

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One American man Billy Byers reacting to President Donald Trump’s Facebook post about America becoming the number one producer of oil and gas placed an unfortunate comment.

Billy Byers in the commenting box claimed that 90% of Ghana’s income comes from scammers and it’s a fact.

His comment was a reaction to Ghanaian Blogger, Akesse Moise Sanza’s comment that Ghana is also doing well with the production of oil and gas in large quantities.

Akesse Moise Sanza wrote: “Wow … congrats. Ghana is also doing well with oil production”.

Billy Byers replied: “90% of Ghana’s income comes from scammers. Fact!!”

From Billy’s comment, it’s obvious that he has been scammed by a Ghanaian before or has heard and read several articles about scammers in Ghana but that isn’t enough for his unfortunate comment.

90% of Ghana's income comes from scammers


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