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76-Year-Old Cher Rumored To Be Dating Amber Rose’s Cheating Ex-Partner Alexander Edwards

76-Year-Old Cher Rumored To Be Dating Amber Rose's Cheating Ex-Partner Alexander Edwards

There is a seeming romance going on between Cher, 76, and Alexander Edwards, 36, as they appeared at Craig’s holding hands and engaging in wild PDAs.

Someone says perv! Eeew! Cher was born in 1946, how the hell do they look at each other during intercourse?

Don’t tell me age is just a number because this cougar’s youngest son is 46 years old. Meaning her grandson may be Alexander Edward’s age. So this is weird.

AE being a wh-re finds nothing wrong with this sh-t. How dare you go around f—ing your grandma? Little sl-t!

Vlad Reports;

Cher and Alexander Edwards, who shares a son with Amber Rose, made headlines after stepping out together in L.A. on Wednesday (November 2) night. 

Photographers surrounded the pair after they showed up at celebrity-favorite restaurant Craig’s alongside Tyga. Alexander, who is 36, and Cher, 76, held hands and smiled after walking out of the restaurant and heading back to their car. TMZ caught photos of the pair inside the car, with Alexander kissing Cher’s hand, leading many to wonder if they’re dating. 

Alexander was last publicly linked to Amber Rose, and they made headlines in 2021 after Amber accused him of cheating on her. AE admitted to cheating on Amber during an interview with Big Von, where he stated, “I woke up to this s**t, man… I thought, ‘S**t, I got caught.’ I got caught before, you know what I’m saying? And she’s just had enough, obviously.” 

So she needs young blood, what if something happens when they are doing the do? Damn all these modern-day oldies be wilding!

Here is a video of Cher and her grandson boyfriend Alexander Edwards:

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