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74-year-old Billionaire Bob Johnson Steps Out With His Much Younger Wife Lauren Wooden In Style

74-year-old Billionaire Bob Johnson Steps Out With His Much Younger Wife Lauren Wooden In Style

Age is just a number when it comes to the subject of love huh? That saying is only valid to the majority of women when there is money involved, I mean a lot of money!

Bob Johnson is the founder of BET and he’s got a much younger wife, a wife he can actually father—and according to reports, he met her when she was a student. Catch them young huh!!!

Bob Robert spent a colossal amount of $1 million on their engagement. I told you that it’s okay for an old man to marry a much younger woman when there is money involved.

The two things holding down this marriage are the money and the lavish lifestyle. Take these two out and the marriage ends on rocks in a few days.

Via Media Take Out:

Bob Johnson, 74, and the founder of BET, wed Lauren Wooden a 41 year old beauty. The two stepped out yesterday on the red carpet for the Television Academy’s 26th Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony in Los Angeles.

Bob and Lauren met, when she was working as a concierge at the Four Seasons. But that was just her day job. Lauren was also studying to obtain her business-management doctorate at the time.

Media Take Out learned that Bob was immediately taken by Lauren’s beauty, and we can all see why.

After a brief courtship, the billionaire proposed to Wooden in Paris with a little help from best man, Franco Nuschese, who owns Georgetown’s Cafe Milano.

Bob spent nearly $1 million on the engagement, which included an ice sculpture of the Eiffel Tower, a shower of rose petals, a bottle of Dom Perignon, following a private after-hours tour and dinner at the Musee Rodin.

The couple were married four years ago. Since the marriage, Lauren has finished school, and now are very well respected philanthropists – giving away millions each year to charities that support Black causes.

Here are some pictures of Robert Johnson and his much younger wife Lauren Wooden:

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