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73-Year-Old King Charles III Travels Around With His Teddy Bear And A Custom Made Toilet Seat

73-Year-Old King Charles III Travels Around With His Teddy Bear And A Custom Made Toilet Seat

Christopher Anderson, an author for the British monarch has described King Charles III as the most eccentric and sovereign Great Britain has ever had. Wait, is he calling King Charles a weirdo? Yes! But don’t blame him yet. King Charles threw a whole tantrum when his pen got faulty on live camera so don’t blame Christopher soo much.

Allegedly, when King Charles III needs to pick up something in his room, he calls his domestic staff from outside to pick it up for him. Well, Christopher is worried that considering King Charles’s anger, he has a huge burden to help preserve the 1000 years’ legacy and that cannot be done by his rage and excessive traveling.

Talking of traveling, Christopher claims one of the things that make the king odd is the fact that he still travels with his favorite childhood teddy bear, flies with his chef to prepare his meals at dinners, and also carries along his customized toilet seat. Damn! Being a Brit king must be exciting!

I have a couple of questions, does he carry the customized toilet seat himself when going to sh-t outside of the home? Or he takes a domestic staff along for that purpose?

Fox News reports:

King Charles is “one of the most eccentric sovereigns Great Britain has ever had.”

The claim was made by royal author Christopher Andersen, who has written a new book about the monarch titled “The King.” According to Andersen, there are a few, surprising things the 73-year-old just can’t leave the palace without.

“He still travels with a childhood teddy bear… he’s had since he was a very small child,” Andersen alleged to ETOnline on Wednesday. “The only person who’s been allowed to mend King Charles’ teddy bear is his childhood nanny, Mabel Anderson, who he remains very close to.”

Andersen also alleged to the outlet that Charles “travels with a custom-made toilet seat” made fit for a king. Palace insiders have also alleged that “when he goes to dinner parties at other people’s homes he often brings his own chef, so they can prepare a meal for him that he’ll eat separately at the table.

“He wants what he wants when he wants it,” Andersen added.

That wasn’t the only quirk Andersen discovered along the way.

“… A number of royals have this, the queen had it as well – they don’t like square ice cubes,” he claimed. “They carry around ice cube trays. [They] have them brought with them wherever they go, because they don’t like the clinking sound that square cubes make.”

Andersen told the outlet that palace aides allegedly need to comply with Charles’ demands or risk being faced with his “volcanic temper.”

“[He’s] very moody, very temperamental,” Andersen claimed. “He has a volcanic temper, in fact… He’s very capable of flying into rages.”

Charles faces the task of preserving a 1,000-year-old monarchy that his mother Queen Elizabeth II nurtured for seven decades. Andersen noted that all eyes are on the monarch.

The queen passed away on Sept. 8 at Scotland’s Balmoral Castle. She was 96.

“He’s been waiting for 70 years to take this job,” Andersen explained. “That’s longer than any previous monarch… He’s already taken some moves to slim down the monarchy a bit… He just sold 15 of his mother’s cherished racehorses… There will be other cutbacks. They will be looking and touring some of the palaces and museums.”

“I think one of the most interesting moves that Charles actually proposed years ago is taking some of the better-known royals off the royal payroll,” he shared. “For example, he suggested at one point that Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, [Prince] Andrew and Fergie’s children, become ladies, that they be asked to relinquish their titles as princesses.”

“If the monarchy survives and flourishes, it will be because of Charles,” said Andersen. “If it doesn’t, it will be because of Charles. Everything hinges on what King Charles III becomes.”

Imagine inviting someone to dinner and they bring their chef! To the big question, will his reign succeed like his mother’s or he will fail?

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