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50 Cent’s Le Chemin du Roi Champagne Bottle Sold For $325K At An Auction

50 Cent's Le Chemin du Roi Champaign Bottle Sold For $325K At An Auction

50 Cent is not just doing great in music and movie production, but he is doing impressive with his champagne brand Le Chemin du Roi as well. At the 2023 Rodeo Uncorked international wine competition in Houston over the weekend, 50’s Le Chemin du Roi stole the show with the Grand Champion Best of Show award and also the highest bid for the night.

Le Chemin du Roi made a record with a whopping $325K on a single bottle aside from the award. Real estate firm J. Alan Kent Development placed the highest bid on 50’s French vintage wine and according to reports, the rapper and his wine brand clearly deserved the spot and have a similar record in 2021.

Of course, 50 did not let the moment pass without some social media jiffy, he made sure to let his fans know the Rodeo Uncorked competition in Houston was the place for the rich.

Via XXL;

A bottle 50 Cent’s brand of champagne, Le Chemin du Roi, has sold for $325,000 at an auction.

On Sunday (Feb. 26), 50 Cent and his Le Chemin du Roi champagne had an impressive outing at the 2023 Rodeo Uncorked! international wine competition in Houston. Aside from being awarded Grand Champion Best of Show, a bottle of Fif’s award-winning French vintage, Le Chemin du Roi Brut AOC brought in six figures, according to an article published by Chron.

After taking home Grand Champion Best of Show in the aforementioned international wine competition, the single bottle of Le Chemin du Roi that was awarded the honor was auctioned off at a record-breaking $325,000 in a winning bid by real estate firm J. Alan Kent Development.

Amid his renowned champagne brand winning awards among over 3,000 other entries and raking in cash in the process, 50 Cent dropped some serious cheese of his own at the prestigious wine auction. The current Houston resident by way of Queens, N.Y. dropped $165,000 on a bottle of Bernhardt Winery’s Antiquity Chardonnay Reserve, which was produced in Danube Plain, Bulgary in 2020 and was crowned 2023 Reserve Grand Champion at this year’s Rodeo Uncorked!.

In highlighting the fact that Le Chemin du Roi earned Grand Champion status and broke the record for the event’s highest bid on a single bottle, Fif did a little flexing on social media on Monday (Feb. 27).

“You think you know money until you make it to the Rodeo in Houston,” wrote 50 Cent on Instagram. “I bought the lot 2 Reserve champion [for] $165,000. You need a real bag to play over here.”

This isn’t the first time a bottle of 50’s luxurious bubbly has been honored at the annual wine competition that takes place as part of Houston’s Livestock Show and Rodeo. In fact, it’s the second. Back in 2021, Le Chemin du Roi was named Reserve Grand Champion at the same Rodeo Uncorked! competition in H-Town.

Le Chemin du Roi obviously has the prospect of bringing the rapper some more millions, and he deserves it.

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