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50 Cent Trolls Kanye West As His Attorney Greenberg Traurig Makes Plans To Dump Him Through A Newspaper Ad

50 Cent Trolls Kanye West As His Attorney Greenberg Traurig Makes Plans To Dump Him Through A Newspaper Ad

Okay, while Kanye West is enjoying his honeymoon with his new wife Bianca Censori, his legal team is struggling to get hold of him and tell him that “hey we quit.” And 50 Cent can’t keep calm about how desperate the attorney is about dropping Kanye when all that matters to him is Kanye’s money.

Yes, it is 2023, and Kanye West continues to be dropped for his sins in 2022. The wrath of the anti-semitic remarks is not over. Ye’s attorney, Greenberg Traurig represented him for a copyright lawsuit in June, but he gave up the service in November due to Kanye’s anti-semitic rants. However, all his attempts to reach Ye and tell him he was done proved futile.

So Greenberg Traurig is planning to tell Kanye West that he quit through a newspaper ad. And when the news hit social media, 50 Cent, of course, is among the many celebrities who took a swift at the notorious rapper. Fif in Instagram post quizzed how terrible Ye has to be for his attorney to be this desperate to drop him when all lawyers ever cared about is money. So Ye has the money to pay, but his attorney says, he is not about that life.

Via Media Take Out;

50 Cent hopped on Instagram to make fun of Kanye West after Ye’s attorneys took out a newspaper ad to announce they have dropped the rapper as a client.

Greenberg Traurig (GT) represented Ye in a copyright lawsuit initiated in June, but the firm withdrew as counsel in November over his repeated antisemitic rants.

Given GT’s diligent efforts [to] personally serve Ye, good cause exists for the requested extension,” the firm wrote per The Hill. “GT has dispatched process servers to the addresses it previously knew Ye to frequent, and has exhausted all methods of contacting Ye to arrange for service, including through Ye’s legal representatives and through Ye directly.”

Fif didn’t miss his chance to weigh in and crack a joke at Ye’s expense.

Fif quickly deleted the post.

This is just one of the many losses for Ye after his lame attack on Jewish people. Aside from his bank dropping him, Balenciaga, Adidas, and many other brands also did drop him, and now, a private attorney. However, Ye is too busy boffing Bianca to respond to his worried attorney. Give him time Greenberg!

However, why is 50 backing out on most of his trolls? First, he apologized to Megan Thee Stallion, and now he trolled Ye and deleted it a few minutes later. The dude going to therapy.

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