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50 Cent Says He Stopped Paying $500K Child Support A Year To $80K For Marquise Jackson Due To His Baby Mama’s Greed

5O Cent Posts Chilling Moment He Shot And Killed His Son In 'Power' Amid Drama With His Son Marquise Jackson

The “Power” creator, 50 Cent in an interview with The Breakfast Club disclosed that he used to pay $500K a year for his kid, Marquise Jackson‘s upkeep. But as Marquise’s mother Shaniqua Tompkins grew extremely rapacious, he opted for child support which decreased the amount drastically to $80K.

Shaniqua this time refused to work and use most of the kid’s money personally and also, resorted to training Marquise to abhor his father. Shaniqua Tompkins couldn’t get a job to save her lazy a** but succeeded in vitiating Marquise at least!

According to 50, he doesn’t blame Marquise soo much for his entitlement and greed as those qualities were passed from his mom. 50 further says he does not see himself reconciling in any form with Marquise. He believes these traits are hardwired in Marquise and he likely is never gonna change. B-tches be crazy! Why spoil a father and son relationship because of your lazy a**?

Via Vlad:

At the beginning of October, 50 Cent’s estranged son, Marquise Jackson, emphatically stated that his father’s monthly payments of $6,700 in child support were not nearly enough to maintain his cost-of-living expenses during his youth.  In the eyes of many, the highly publicized comment (during an interview with Choke No Joke). Made Marquise come across as somewhat entitled and ungrateful. But, on that day, the commentary by Marquise accomplished two things. He gave his father no choice but to respond. And his mother’s handling of the child support money immediately came into question. 

Yesterday, 50 Cent made an appearance on The Breakfast Club as a virtual interviewee to discuss, among other things. His son’s controversial comments about the lack of child support he received and if they could ever reconcile. The award-winning television producer addressed the matter at hand while also making a point to underline his BM’s alleged mishandling of the child support money that his son spoke about before indicating that she had turned Marquise against him, with years of parental propaganda.

“[50 Cent] everybody wants to know is there’s a possibility…you’re son wants to sit down with you,” said Charlamagne Tha God as he carefully brought up the topic of 50 Cent’s relationship with his oldest son.

“No he doesn’t,” responded 50 Cent. “See, Charlamange, you would call me. You don’t call TMZ to say you want to sit down. He just wants some attention, and it’s okay, he can have as much of that as he wants. He’s been trained. What you see him say in that interview [with Choke No Joke], he’s been trained to believe that [by his mother] for a long time. You don’t just wake up and say, ‘I don’t believe what I’ve been believing”…

“When I said that he’s entitled, really it’s his mom’s [Shaniqua Tompkins] entitlement, and it’s been filtered. I was giving [her] half a million dollars a year. They go through the paperwork, they see half a million dollars a year. At that point, she still was expecting more. This is why I took her to child support. You don’t usually sign up for child support. I took myself to child support because she wasn’t understanding that I’m already giving you more than you’re supposed to get. Then, when it turns into the $6,700, that’s not enough, and it’s never going to be enough…”

Later in the interview, 50 Cent goes on to talk about the conflicting viewpoints that he and his BM had about raising their son, Marquise. Which may have led to their current dilemma. In the end, 50 Cent claims that he paid more than his fair share of child support, while Marquise still begs to differ. From a legal standpoint, because Marquise’s mother was the custodial parent in this equation. She had the financial freedom to spend all of the child support money however she saw fit. 

Compared to 50 and Marquise having a possible toxic relationship that could lead to the worst possible outcome. What you do make of 50’s decision to forever stay away from his kid, Marquise Jackson?

Here is the interview of 50 Cent letting the world know how greedy his baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins is. Skip to the 20:57 mark and press play:

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