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43-year-old Diamond Appiah Busted For Lying That She’s 33 Years

43-year-old Diamond Appiah Busted For Lying That She's 33 Years

Failed musician and politician, Diamond Appiah is still living in the days of faking for the gram but thanks to the advancement of the internet, she always gets busted for lying on social media.

Diamond Appiah who claims to be 33 years old is rather 43 and as to why this grown-as* woman keeps deceiving herself and her followers on Instagram still baffles me. What does she want in this life?

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Here’s what ghost blogger Aba the great got about her real age which she has been lying about for whatever reasons I don’t even want to know.

“In my findings, I discovered this interesting fact about Diamond Appiah alias Land guard I would like to share with you…. I needed to know which of the days she was born, so I put it up, and she happens to be a Tuesday born. Billo said, she was 33years last year, born on the 13th of June. Since she kept changing her birth date and calling others grandmas etc, I decided to research abit more…. if you are born on the 13th of June n turned 33 last year, you will be 34 this year…. which means that those born on the 13th of June, 1987 are Saturday borns and should be 34years this year….. so what has a Tuesday born Abena got to do with a Saturday born Ama? I’ve been able to find her actual age that correspond with her birthday. Diamond Appiah was born on Tuesday, 13th June, 1978….. she is proudly 43years and not 34years. Swipe and get all the details of this caption and learn to respect your grandma 👵 ✊🏾🤭”.