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21 Savage And Latto Allegedly Split After He Reconciles With His Wife Keyanna

Latto Hints That Married 21 Savage Pays All Her Bills

Latto recently admitted that he has a mystery man who pays all his bills in exchange for their affair. Netizens dug deep and discovered that the supposed mystery man is none other than married 21 Savage, who faces the threat of deportation if his marriage plans with his baby mama Keyanna fail.

21 Savage was on the verge of losing his wife Keyanna and US citizenship; however, reports say he has managed to regain Keyanna’s trust and successfully marry her, making him a US citizen.

21 Savage has accomplished his US citizenship dreams, but he lost his affair with Latto in the process. Insiders have confirmed that the two secret lovers have split following 21’s reconciliation with the mother of his kids, so Latto has no option but to pay her own bills now and hop on to the next guy who is ready to pay.

Via Media Take Out;

Rapper 21 Savage is back together with his wife, Media Take Out is hearing. He’s been reportedly carrying on a longtime affair with the popular artist Latto … but now that appears to be over.

Latto and 21 Savage have been carrying on a pretty obvious situationship, for the past 3 years. Many suspected that the two were going to eventually make their relationship public.

But there was one problem with their love affair. You see, 21 savage is already married to the mother of his two children, Keyanna. The couple wed shortly after the birth of their second child.

21, who was facing deportation back to the UK for past crimes, no longer faces deportation – as he works out his green card status with his wife and family.

So what are we hearing? Well word coming out of Atlanta is that Latto and 21 Savage’s situationship may finally be over.

We spoke with multiple people in Latto’s camp, who told us that the couple haven’t been seen with each other in weeks, which is rare. Unfortunately, our sources couldn’t confirm that the couple split. But they did offer their opinion – and told us that they believed it was likely.

Now for the other tea. Yesterday, 21’s wife Keyanna posted a stealth picture of her “date night.” While she didn’t mention who she was dating, she did post a picture which shows 21 Savage’s phone case in it.

Latto and 21 Savage‘s relationship was confirmed after a tattoo of 21 Savage’s first name, Shéyaa, was seen under Latto’s ears. So Latto does not have to only search for another rich man but also get the secret inking removed. Getting a tattoo of a married man is wild; 21 must be good.

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