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19-year-old Ghanaian Boy Buys A $42,000 Range Rover Velar For Stonebwoy’s Ayisha Modi

19-year-old Ghanaian Boy Buys A $42,000 Range Rover Velar For Stonebwoy's Ayisha Modi

As to the kind of business this 19-year-old Ghanaian boy identified on Instagram as Baron Ike does for him to be able to buy a 2018 Range Rover Velar worth $42,760 (Ghc248,366.81) for Stonebwoy’s barking b!tch, Ayisha Modi, only the gods can tell.

Ayisha Modi is all over Instagram celebrating the 19-year-old boy for surprising her with this expensive car.

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She posted the vehicle specifications with its cost and freight and then asked her followers to thank this 19-year-old boy on her behalf.

Ayisha Modi wrote;

“I can’t stop crying 😢. My heart ♥️ can’t stop 🛑 beating, I can’t stop shaking @young.lord1010 . Son Son Son Son Son Son. I just don’t know what to say, all I can do now is to 😭. God pls if this is a dream wake me up from it pls. Jesussssssss Godson mm. What kind of LOVE ❤️ is this Lord.? Thank you 🙏 my son. I beg everyone of u following me to thank this 19 year old boy for the love 💕 his has for me. Son am so grateful am not in tears 😭 cos of the Car but am in tears 😭 of the Love 💕 and Care u have for me. I can’t just think Far mpo. I truly appreciate you blood 🩸”.

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