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10 Free Scholarships In Canada For African Students 2024

10 Free Scholarships In Canada For African Students 2024

Have plans of schooling in Canada but don’t have the financial means? Are you a secondary school graduate with excellent passes in your secondary school exams or a bachelor’s holder with a first-class wanting to top up in Canada 2023 but don’t have the strength?

Then look no further as the Canadian education ministry has released some scholarship programs that would help brilliant but needy African students in 2023.

Canada has over the past few years become a regular destination for several African students who seek to broaden their knowledge scope and also equip themselves with knowledge from a foreign country. They make the list of the top four most visited abroad countries for education after Australia, the USA, and the UK.

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Well, it doesn’t come as a surprise because these mentioned countries have one of the world’s best Universities and even the fact that their language of instruction is English. Their scholarship programs are mostly sponsored by alumni, rich elites, NGOs, and the government.
Below are the 10 scholarships in Canada for Africans come 2023

Vanier Canada graduates scholarships

Are you a master’s holder with a distinction and seeking to further to the Ph.D. level to get a doctoral title? Then start preparing your documents for the 2023 Vanier Canada graduate scholarship which would cover your full-year study. Selected students would get the opportunity to attend the University of Toronto, British Columbia, and McGill.

Ontario Trillium Scholarship

This scholarship funds the study of master’s students wanting to do their Ph.D. who did extremely well during their master’s studies. 2023 Applicants would provide evidence of their termly academic transcripts with a cut-off score and also their thesis score.

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Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Scholarship

This particular scholarship is financed solely by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau one leader who is so passionate about education. Students seeking to pursue doctoral programs in Human rights and dignity in 2023 with distinctions stand a chance of being picked.

Lester B. Pearson International Student Scholarship

Are you an African student who pulled an excellent pass in your West African exams? Then this scholarship is certainly in your zone, your four years undergraduate program at the University of Toronto would be fully covered.

Karen Mc Kellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award scholarship

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If you have dreams of pursuing your bachelor’s program at the University of British Columbia then you better buckle up in 2023. This goes for brilliant but needy students, also applicants should seek recommendation letters from their secondary school heads. Also, students who held high school positions and contributed to community projects stand a chance.

University of Calgary International Entrance scholarship

This scholarship scheme mostly picks only two intelligent people who excelled in their secondary school exams. You should make your secondary school certificate and transcript ready in case admission opens in 2023. Although it is a full scholarship, they are very particular about your grades, should your CGPA drop to a lower level you would be taken off it.

University of Manitoba Graduate fellowship

It is mainly for bachelor’s holders seeking to do their master’s and master’s holders seeking to do their Ph.D. To be eligible you should show proof of at least a second-class upper and a distinction on both sides. Also, a former lecturer of yours should pen down a good recommendation letter about you attached to your certificate.

International Undergraduate Leadership Scholarship

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If you have a strong background in arts, and sports and are a huge participant in community projects this scholarship falls in your criteria.
Applicants should then attach a recommendation letter to their certificates. To continue enjoying the scholarship after enrollment you should put up a good academic performance.

University of British Columbia Awards

This scholarship is given to master’s holders whose thesis was very catchy and also the impact the thesis can have on the country. In case you are selected you don’t only enjoy a free Ph.D. study but also enjoy monthly stipends.

Ontario Graduate scholarship

With this scholarship covering your Master’s and Ph.D. studies, applicants are entitled to apply to some selected universities in Ontario for a limited time. Students must have started full-time before they can win the full scholarship.

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